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My approach to therapy


Working supportively

My approach is relational, based in the humanistic perspective. This means our relationship is central to the therapy - I see our work as a journey we make together, and am committed to supporting you in that process. 


I believe people potentially have all the abilities they need to solve their problems or face their difficulties. However, sometimes external or internal events interrupt this process, and it is helpful to have support in looking at what is happening, and explore what options are available.

Increasing awareness expanding choices

I pay attention to the 'whole' of you, including thoughts, feelings and body process (e.g. a ‘lump in your throat’ or ‘butterflies in your stomach’). I also share my thoughts and feelings with you, where appropriate, rather than acting solely as a ‘listener’, as this can help us understand what is happening.

In our work I pay attention to the present moment, the ‘here and now’ of what is happening in the therapy room, whilst being mindful that the past can affect what is happening in the present.

Therapy can help you become aware that ways of dealing with problems, which worked in the past, do not work in the present. By raising awareness of how you currently think, feel and respond, you can become aware of alternative possibilities. This allows you more choice about how you live your life. 


Where appropriate I can offer creative ways of working, for instance using art materials, sand tray, photos, or poetry, to fit the needs of each individual.

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About me

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About me

Counselling and Psychotherapy
My current fee  is £60 a session.

My current fee  is £50 for a 60 minute session.

Reduced Fees
Reduced fee places are available for people on genuinely low incomes. There is limited availability.

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My approach

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